Netflix Software Engineer Salary and Job Opportunities in 2022

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Right now, software engineering is one of the most demanding jobs. A bunch of big corporations is offering high-paying salaries for talented software engineers. In this article, we are giving you a brief summary of Netflix software engineer salaries and other Netflix job facilities.

Netflix is a multi-billion dollar company and they are constantly in need of new software engineering to support its growing audience. If you are interested in Netflix’s software engineer’s salary and their job flexibility and opportunities then read this article till the end.

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Short Introduction to Netflix and Their Job Opportunities

Nowadays, people who don’t use Netflix are a rare sight to behold let alone people who don’t know about it. But for the sake of everyone reading this, we are going to give a short introduction about them.

Netflix is a worldwide popular subscription-based streaming service that offers a huge amount of movies, tv series, web series, and much more. Using Netflix you can watch a whole bunch of amazing movies and series with an affordable monthly payment system.

Now then you might ask, does Netflix offers good job opportunities? The answer is yes because they are huge corporations, that are always looking for talented individuals to join their team.

How Much Do Netflix Software Engineers Make?

When it comes to Sofware Engineers, Netflix is always looking for both senior and junior software engineers to join their company. They are a well-established and highly reputed company, so, normally, they will offer a better salary than others.

Down below are the expected salary rates for Netflix software engineers. We have separated them into points, based on their experience level and earnings.

Netflix Senior Software Engineer Salary

An average Netflix senior software engineer gets about 200k-400k dollars a year and the exact amount highly depends on the job location. A senior software engineer also must have a minimum of 10-15 years of job experience within a noticeable company.

The senior software engineer must have the necessary certificate/degree in CSE or BCS. The job applicant also has to go thru various requirement processes like interviews and examinations.

Netflix Junior Software Engineer Salary

At first, you might not believe it but Netflix also has available jobs for junior software engineers as well. An average Netflix Junior software engineer gets about 80k-150k dollars a year which also depends on the job location.

When it comes to Junior software engineers also need a necessary certificate/degree in CSE, BCS, or other software engineer-related courses. The experience of this job is none but 3-6 years of job experience is highly preferred.

There are also other jobs on Netflix that are similar and related to software engineering. Netflix also recruits a bunch of programmers, software architects, software developers, and much more.

These jobs are also well paid and give the employee the same benefits as an average software engineer. Other job options are related to engineering like network engineer, Data Engineer, etc.


In this article, we have discussed Netflix software engineers’ salaries and how much experience they need while applying for these jobs. We hope this article gave you an in-depth review of Netflix software engineers if you are thinking of applying there yourself.

Even though Netflix is a highly reputed company and many individuals want to work for them. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to join their team as a software engineer. If you have the talent for it, we recommend you go for this golden opportunity.

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