What Time Does Hulu Release New Episodes After Airing

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Yes, we have all been there, patiently waiting for new episodes of your favorite tv and web series is not a new thing. Many tv and web series fan has questioned “what time does Hulu release new episodes?

Today we are going to give you an in-depth explanation of Hulu’s schedule, release hours, and many more important things. If you are a tv and web series lover then this is the perfect article for you.

We are also going to give you a short introduction to Hulu and Hulu original so you can better understand this popular streaming service. So we recommend, you read this article till the end to get a decent understanding of Hulu and their new episode’s release frequency.

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What Time Does Hulu Release New Episodes?


Hulu doesn’t have any official time for releasing new episodes. But shows and series commonly arrive on Hulu at 12.01 AM Eastern time. Sometimes the exact time also differs based on the show’s original release location and time.

Many people also get confused because Netflix does the same thing but their time is 12.01 Pacific time. Because Netflix is more popular than Hulu it can cause major distress to users that are subscribed to both services.

So if you are someone who also gets confused by this then remember, Eastern time is 3 hours ahead of Pacific time. That means Hulu releases its new episodes on 9.01 PM Pacific time.

Does Hulu Originals Episodes Also Require the Same Time as Normal Episodes?

In all actuality no, Hulu Originals episodes are just as same as other normal episodes with a standard releasing time. But in a sense, you can call Hulu Originals episodes airing faster than normal episodes. Because they come straight to Hulu without any brakes.

Hulu Originals are also scheduled by Hulu themself so it also doesn’t get any delays and these shows don’t get canceled mid-way thru. So if you like authentic shows with perfect airing time, the Hulu Originals is here for you.

Does Hulu Release Every episode at Once?

The release amount of episodes doesn’t depend on Hulu itself rather it depends on the official team of their show. Some publisher releases every episode at once and some release one episode a week.

Hulu also tries to release the first three episodes of a show so they get enough hype to have a decent fan. After this, they continue to do a normal one-episode a week strategy to make viewers engaging every week.

Why Does Hulu Not Showing New Episodes?

Many Hulu users have complained that they are not finding the new episodes of their favorite shows. If you are also one of them then you are in luck, we are here to fix your problem.

One of the biggest reasons why you are not finding new episodes is because of “Rolling availability”. This happens when a select number of recently release episodes are available at once.

The best way to fix this issue is by adding these rolling shows to “My Stuff” which will show you when new shows are released.


Hulu is a wonderful streaming service that offers a bunch of unique benefits that give its users lots of flexibility. In this article, we have answered the long waited question “what time does Hulu release new episodes?”.

We hope you have read the article till the end and now you know all the answers related to Hulu’s new episodes and its scheduling system.

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